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Top 10 most common home repairs and how much they cost

Oct 19, 2021 11:45:00 AM / by Joshua Jensen



If you are looking into getting a home inspection, that probably means you’ve just closed on a house. Congratulations! You’ve just taken a massive step toward becoming a homeowner, but the process isn't over just yet. 

Many homebuyers-- particularly first-time homebuyers-- are anxious to discover the state of the walls, flooring, and roof of the home they fell in love with. To help prepare for your home inspection, here is a list of the top 10 most expensive repairs that you may find in the inspection report.


Keep in mind, this reference guide isn’t meant to scare you but to prepare you for negotiations with your seller. You will have the opportunity to request repairs or reduce your home price based on the inspection report. 


By understanding what these repairs will cost, you will be able to enter negotiations with confidence or be able to walk away if the seller doesn’t budge on necessary repairs. 


1. Old or Damaged Siding

Siding is a top issue for inspection reports. If your siding is old, warped, has holes, or damaged in another way, your home will be subject to leaks, exposure to weather, and more. Siding issues are also bad for energy efficiency, causing your energy bills to climb. On top of it all, the reduced curb appeal may lower your home’s value.


Your repair cost will vary considerably based on the material and extent of repair. In some cases, you’ll only need to patch a few holes or cracks. However, depending on the age of the home, a full-on replacement could be necessary. Costs range anywhere from $100 to $16,000. 


Small repair of vinyl siding: $100-200

Full replace of wood or stone siding: Up to $16,000


2. Windows and Doors

In any well-cared-for home, homeowners should replace windows every 15 to 20 years. Exterior doors on the other hand should last as long as the house. However, depending on the weather and wear and tear on the home, you may need replacements sooner. A major concern with older homes is that their windows are not energy efficient. Getting an energy audit is a great way to determine if they are worth replacing.


Replacing windows typically costs between $300 and $15000, depending on the number, size, and quality of your windows. Based on where you live, you may want to consider higher-end windows to keep your energy costs down.


Low-end: $100 per window

Average: $650 per window

High-end: $1,800 per window


3. Roof Repairs

Your roof is critical to the health of your home. It needs to be able to handle the weight of snow (one square foot of snow can weigh anywhere from 3-21 pounds), drain rain correctly, and keep your cooled or heated air inside.


How long a roof should last depends on the material used. Three-tab shingles have the shortest lifespan, needing replacement every 12-20 years. Metal roofs are less common and more expensive, but they have the longest lifespan: 50-75 years. 


Expect anywhere from $150-$14000 to repair your roof, again depending on the extent of the damage, material choice, and square footage.


Small fix: $150-400

Major repairs: $5,500-12,000 

Full replacements: Up to $45,000


4. Cracked Foundation

One of the biggest fears for all home buyers is to discover a cracked foundation and with good reason. Foundation problems lead to flooded basements, strain the home’s structure, and leave a house vulnerable during storms, earthquakes, and other natural disasters.


If your home inspection report lists foundation problems, be sure to pay close attention to the size of the damage. Small cracks, less than ⅛ of an inch wide, are a relatively cheap repair. Anything larger than that starts to add up.


Small cracks: $200-800

Larger issues: Up to $12,000


5. Broken HVAC

This system controls the airflow, heating, and cooling of your home. It maintains temperature and air quality. The type of HVAC system in your home has a significant impact on your energy bills -- older systems typically have to work much harder to maintain the temperatures. 


HVAC repair could range from fixing a single component to replacing the furnace, air conditioner, and ventilation system. As per usual, the cost depends on the extent of the repair.


Small repair: $250

Full replacement: $5,000-10,000


6. Cracked Driveway

You may think a cracked driveway is mostly a cosmetic repair, but it isn’t. The asphalt or concrete in your driveway typically connects to the foundation of your home. So, as driveways warp and crack, they allow water and ice to drive them further apart. This strain can begin to pull at your foundation, causing even larger issues down the road (pun intended). 


Homeowners should reseal most driveways every five years to extend their life, with an average price of about $300. Getting a new driveway installed will usually run between $2,500 and $6,500.


Reseal: $300

Total replacement: $2,500-$6,500


7. Hazardous Wiring

Old wiring can be another nightmare for homebuyers, mainly because there is little chance of noticing a problem yourself. Instead, hidden behind sheetrock and flooring, the status of your wiring will need to be determined by a professional inspector. Besides being inefficient, the main issue with old wiring is the danger of electrical fires.


As you’d expect, wiring problems are primarily a concern in older homes. For homes built within the last 20 years, it’s not as likely (but still worth checking) to have wiring issues. While a full rewiring is not too expensive on its own, the material and labor cost might catch you off-guard.


Small repairs: $125

Full rewiring: Up to $30,000 depending on home size


8. Termite or Pest Damage

Termites are a particularly nasty infestation that will gnaw unseen at the structural supports of your home. Unfortunately, without a proper inspection, you may not find out about issues until weather or other strains cause your home to collapse suddenly.


The average cost of termite removal is about $300, with termite damage repair averages around $3000. However, the actual cost of termite damage repair will vary greatly, as it will depend upon the severity and location of the damage.


Pest removal: $300

Repair damages: $3,000 on average


9. Old or Broken Plumbing

Plumbing is another integral part of your home. The quality of your plumbing determines how clean your water is, the water pressure for your shower and sinks, and the likelihood of leaks and water damage. 


Be sure to have your plumbing fully inspected to ensure there isn’t corrosion, rust, or any other problems. To fix or replace plumbing, we recommend setting aside $550-$2500.


Basic repairs: $300-500

Intensive repairs: $2,500 on average


10. Unresolved Water Damage

So you've got the plumbing, but what about the damage it already caused?


It is often easy to recognize water damage if you know what to look for. If you notice warping doors or baseboards, see condensation on windows or walls, notice crumbling drywall, or drips and rust, there’s likely been a leak at some point.


You’ll want to make sure to find and fix the source before taking care of the damage. Water damage is a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and pests that can cause illnesses. It can also cause serious structural damage, resulting in larger expenses in the future.


Average cost: $2,000 - $5,000


Ready for a Quality Inspection?

We know it can be easily overwhelming to think about everything that can be wrong with a house... but these numbers aren’t here to scare you. In fact, the opposite is true.


By getting an inspection with a qualified inspector, you’ll be aware of these issues before you commit to buying the house. At Inspectify, we’ll also provide you with a free repair cost estimate for your entire inspection report. This allows you to renegotiate by:

  1. Lowering the final sale price
  2. Having the sellers pay for the repairs
  3. A combination of both


We’ve built a nationwide network of top-tier home inspectors. You can easily compare prices, see customer reviews, and availability to book an inspection in just a few minutes. With our easy-to-use platform, you can schedule an inspection in just a few minutes.

Ready for your inspection? Schedule today!

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