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Cracked Stucco

Mar 17, 2021 10:59:08 AM / by Inspectify

Cracked Stucco


What it is:

A home’s stucco can get cracks for a variety of reasons, such as extreme weather changes, poor installation, owner-induced damage, or, of course, time. Stucco cracks range from hardly-noticeable hairline cracks, to large cracks that often occur at wall intersections or exterior window corners.


What it means:

Most of the time, a crack in your stucco will not represent any kind of structural or foundational problem. That said, even the smallest crack can cause greater damage by giving moisture or water an entryway into your walls.


How to fix it:

Fortunately, fixing stucco cracks is relatively simple using a caulking gun and stucco repair compound that can be found at any hardware store. If, however, you have noticed any damage that could be related to a large crack or hole in your stucco, you might consider having a specialist take a look.



16.7% of home inspections report cracked stucco


Average repair cost: 



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