The Inspectify Report

2022 Year in Review: Flying in Turbulence

What can I do with my home inspection report?

Do I need a home inspection before a renovation?

Watch Inspectify CEO Josh Jensen explain how agents can use inspections to protect their clients

Everything You Need to Know About New Construction Phases Inspections

Are home inspector reviews accurate?

A home inspection checklist for buyers

Getting a home inspection before closing will save you more money now than ever before

Signs your property needs a specialized home inspection

Home repair and renovation prices are rising. Here’s how to save money without cutting quality:

What is a sewer scope?

Watch Inspectify CEO Josh Jensen explain what REIs need to know about inspections

Interest rates and inflation: understanding the market in 2022

7 most common home plumbing issues

How much damage can termites do? Everything you need to know about WDOs

The home buying journey: From start to finish

7 most common home electrical issues

Celebrating Earth Day: Inspectify’s commitment to sustainability

What is escrow?

How to negotiate with sellers using a home inspection in a seller’s market.

How to get the most out of your home inspection 

7 ways that water damages your house and costs you money

When is the best time to get a home inspection?

Should you attend your home inspection?

What are contingencies in real estate? How to protect your real estate investment in 2022

What is the due diligence period?

6 reasons why you should never skip a home inspection

How long is a home inspection report good for?

Everything homebuyers need to know about home inspections

How long does a home inspection take?

What to do if your home inspection uncovers major repairs

What is a maintenance inspection and when should you get one?

11 things that home inspectors don’t look for during a home inspection

Annual home inspection versus re-inspection: what’s the difference?

Closing our $8M Series A to accelerate the API for the Home

Questions to ask before, during, and after a home inspection

Home inspections versus appraisals: what you need to know

Should you get an inspection on a new construction home?

Tips for winterizing your home

How to pick a good home inspector

Your complete guide to ancillary services added to home inspections

Top 10 most common home repairs and how much they cost

Everything buyers need to know after going under contract

What to look for in your home inspection report

Everything you need to know about home inspections

10 hidden costs to be aware of when buying a home

Seller's ultimate guide to preparing for a home inspection

Say hello to the new Inspectify!

Top 3 reasons sellers NEED to do pre-listing inspections

5 simple, but effective tricks for real estate agents to save time

3 reasons realtors need to stop marketing to everyone

4 reasons to never buy a house without an inspection

Should you waive your inspection contingency?

What caused the market to run so hot?

The gender gap of mortgage rates

No Water Heater Drip Pan

Our Earth Day Pledge

Water Heater

Gutter Downspouts

Gutters full of Debris

Exterior Trim Damage

Cracked Stucco

Cover Plates Missing

No GFCI Protection Installed

Missing Carbon Monoxide Detector

Missing Smoke Detector

RESPA Explained

Sign Here: What forms are signed in a home transaction?

Contingencies and the companies that are changing them for the better.

How do real estate contracts work?

2020 Year in Review: Gaining Momentum

The Market is Hot, but Are You Ready to Sell?

First Time Home Buyers: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Starter Homes: To Buy or Not To Buy

What to Expect From a Home Inspection

Questions You Need To Ask Your Realtor Before Selling Your Home

Debunking Seven Common Myths About Real Estate Agents

6 Hidden Costs First-Time Home Buyers Need to Know About

Introducing Inspectify (YC S20): A Managed Marketplace for Home Inspections

Getting the most out of your AC

Home Inspections: Are They Really Worth It?

Year in review: Inspectify’s beginning

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